High school program


Due to the unique nature of soccer in Montana, Big Sky has a unique opportunity to have a high school players to gain exposure to more games and experience a higher level of competition with players and teams from neighboring cities and towns.

Practices will still be centered around developing each player’s individual needs as well as developing the four aspects of the BSFC player: Technical, soccer brain, physical and No “I” in team mentality.

The program will enable your child to:

  • Develop high level of soccer skills and deeper knowledge of the game

  • Become a well-rounded player who can play various positions on the field

  • Understand the importance of teamwork and being a team player

Spring 2020 program information

Check back for more information about our Spring 2020 program at this level.

  • Practice 3-4x/week for 90 minutes

  • Games are 90 minutes (2 40-minute halves with 15-minute halftime break)

  • Format 11 v 11 with goalkeeper

  • Weekend games on Saturdays with potential games on Sundays if participating in a soccer tournament

Player registration fees

  • Registration cost will be announced when registration opens

  • New players will have an additional uniform cost that includes 2 jerseys, shorts and 2 pair socks

  • Tournaments will be additional for all team members and are TBD

  • Financial aid is available. Apply here.